Charles Dumas

When Wilton retired he edited the paper again. In the meantime Charles had married a Miss Paltridge. The Paltridge’s were a pioneering family of this district. The marriage was a very happy one and the couple produced a family of three sons and two daughters. However, after his retirement from parliament it became known that Charles was a sick man and he died in 1935. The family tried to carry on the business, but ran into difficulties and sold it in 1938.


Charles Dumas was a young man when he completed his apprenticeship and founded “The Courier” newspaper in the 1860’s, a little over 30 years of age when he faced the colossal task of founding the newspaper. He faced up to the adversity. During the 1870’s country newspapers were springing up in many parts of Australia. Many were falling by the wayside owing to the financial difficulties and because businessmen had not at the time realised the value of advertising their organisations.

Also, in the infant colony of S.A. times were difficult. However, Charles met the situation with all the tenacity, courage and shrewdness at his command and where others failed, he succeeded. Charles became well known and was elected to parliament in 1898 and represented this district until his retirement in 1902. Not only did he succeed in keeping his paper afloat in the face of adversity, but he also expanded its area of circulation to the surrounding districts. He edited the paper for about 50 years with the exception of one period of 12 months when he handed the editorial chair to a Mr. Wilton so that he could look after the commercial printing side of the business.

Dumas House circa 1910


Dumas House was originally the former residence to Charles and his family, made from local stone, the homestead, along with the English Oak Tree planted by Charles himself has been heritage listed and lovingly restored back to its former glory. From its high decorative ceiling to its beautifully presented open fireplaces, Dumas House radiates the charm and character of yesteryear, for the total enjoyment and relaxation experience for those who choose to stay.

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